LAMINA1 is the fabric of the open metaverse

a blockchain providing builders and creators a usable framework to create a better online future.

Hired as UX Researcher, Jan. 2023

Competitive Analysis 

User Interviews

Journey Maps

User Flows 

Promoted to Product Manager, Feb. 2023

Road Mapping 


Product Definition

UX & Product Lead, May 2023 - present 


Iterative Design

User Flows 

Road Mapping

Product Envisioning 

Video Production

Community Initiatives

Partner Integrations

LAMINA1 Hub Demo Videos 

These videos are a great representation of my work - I had a hand in everything you see here, from the initial research and wireframes that informed the designs, to managing the sprint cycles that drove the product through implementation and launch. 

I also fully produced both videos, from the screen recordings to the voiceovers, using digital audio workstation (Studio One) and video editing (After Effects) softwares. I hope you enjoy! 

Pushing toward MainNet...

Although our growing community of over 50k metaverse creators, builders, and fans might lead to you believe otherwise, LAMINA1 is still pre-launch, in our Beta testing phase. We're continuing to expand our offering of features and ecosystem of partners in preparation for MainNet Launch, which is expected in 2024. 

LAMINA1 has provided me with great opportunities for growth, and has solidified my skills and interest in emerging entertainment technologies. This hands-on, end-to-end product design and leadership experience will continue to serve me well in future opportunities.