In January of 2023, I began working with LAMINA1, a layer 1 blockchain optimized for creators in the open metaverse.

I contributed UX research, design and product management to help this innovative tech startup move from ideation to implementation, helping to facilitate several large feature launches. 

Click inside for a quick look at some of my contributions to L1. 

My capstone project for my MPS in UX Design at MICA.

A desktop gaming experience, researched, designed and hosted in Figma, to show users and potential clients the possibilities of the Figma as a tool in the design process. 

This project is completed, and can be viewed in it's entirety here, or @figmaverze on X. 

We imagined, designed and tested this app as an integrated marketplace for NFTs.

A project to design a simple, accessible cryptocurrency wallet for new users.  

This is a research article I authored as a part of MICA's UX Design graduate program. 

It discusses how accessibility can drive innovation, and how we can design innovative products accessibly.  

It's written for product owners, developers and designers working at the cutting edge of their industries, or for anyone interested in designing inclusive products. 

An exploratory project to create an interactive User Manual in Figma. This manual helps new VR users understand and safely interact with the Metaverse.